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Lunacorn Unacorn

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Check out my brand Lunacorn Unacorn. She's not just a brand but a movement. Transforming trauma into triumph one affirmation at a time. Breaking the stigma on mental health. Please know there is no substitute for speaking with a licensed mental health professional. 
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Lunacorn Unacorn is a brown-skinned unicorn who has afro puffs, locs and coarse hair. She is an emotional support animal that speaks life into children impacted by trauma. Lunacorn encourages children by speaking positive affirmations to them. 

Proverbs 15:4   Kind words bring life

How did she get her name? Lunacorn is a nickname I gave my granddaughter Baby Luna. She absolutely loves unicorns. One day, I was singing the words Lunacorn Unacorn as I picked up Baby Luna into my arms and the name clicked. Baby Luna gave me a brush to comb her hair. I styled her hair in her usual afro puffs. My hair had locs. I was standing in the mirror holding her and giving her kisses on the cheek. At that moment, I was blessed with the idea of the Lunacorn Unacorn being a brown-skinned unicorn who has afro puffs, locs, and coarse hair. Overtime Lunacorn evolved into a unicorn that protects, supports, and encourages children impacted by trauma.


What is a Lunacorn Unacorn? She is a beautiful brown unicorn who realizes her power is speaking life into children. I like to compare Lunacorn to a splint. A splint is a supportive device that protects broken bones. Lunacorn is a support animal that protects broken children who are impacted by trauma.  As a teacher, I would spend the first 20 minutes of the day dedicated to social emotional learning to my students who have experienced trauma and or living through it. Students would choose affirmations to speak into themselves and their classmates. Then we would watch a motivational video and students would have to share what parts of the video that inspired them or they had a connection with. Speaking life into children started in the classroom with my students.

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